Covid-19 club rules

As of the 17th of May new restricitons will come into place in line with the governments roadmap out of lockdown.

In brief:

  • Doubles and singles play as before

  • Toilets open as before

  • Changing and showering facilities will now be open for use(minimise use where possible)

  • Spectating allowed(rule of 30)

  • Car sharing for travel to the court will be allowed

  • Socialising before and after rule allowed(rule of 30 outside, rule 0f 6 inside)

  • Clubhouse open for use(face masks to worn indoors)

  • Social distancing to be maintained before, during and after all activity

Please see the summary grid below for full information

Please note that padel tennis is now considered a discipline of tennis in the UK and therefore any rules relating to tennis will also apply to padel tennis.  For any clarification and latest updates please see the LTA's Covid-19 information page.