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  • We design and build Padel Courts installations for clubs and in gardens for individuals.


  • Knowing the unreliability of the UK weather we try to make our courts as usable as possible by making sure the groundwork enables as much drainage as possible.

  • We showcase the Kings Somborne court to clubs to demonstrate this exciting sport and court.


  • We offer guidance and services to clubs embarking on Padel initiatives, to ensure the expected outcomes, returns on investment are realised.


  • We run our club for our members and guests, playing matches against other Padel centres, coaching, we have members of all ages, standards, from many backgrounds, tennis, squash badminton, and those who have not played racket sports before now playing Padel.


  • We host and organise company team building events as well as children’s parties. Corporate teams love Padel because its new and exciting in the UK.

We are entirely focussed on building Padel Courts. We design the Padel courts integration into existing club environments, maximising space utilisation, considering club aesthetics and return on investment objectives.

The Padel Court Company are experts at designing and building beautiful looking Padel Courts, considering the clubs overall strategies across all their sporting disciplines.

We offer advice and services to ensure clubs Padel initiatives are very successful and the anticipated outcomes are realised. We can help promote Padel, offer coaching, advise on marketing Padel, help reach new members, facilitate launch event and so on.

We host clubs at our own court, to get a taste of Padel, offering a chance to play, view the court and discuss what makes sense for your club. 


Get in touch to arrange a visit and meeting and let us show you what you have been missing out on.

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