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Join us at Somborne Padel Tennis Club

Interested in playing?

You should be!

  • Padel tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

  • It's a fun sociable game and easy to pick up for any age group.

  • Everyone can enjoy it no matter the standard.

  • Great for different racket sports players to come together and compete.

  • A more level playing field for everyone as it relies more on skill than power.

  • Great for anybody suffering from reduced mobility.

  • Second most popular sport in Spain, behind football.

Padel Tennis Players Somborne

We have the first Padel courts in Hampshire waiting for you!

Join us at Somborne Padel Tennis Club, built in the Hampshire countryside offering some beautiful views that we hope won't distract from the game!  A small but sociable padel community situated in Kings Somborne, near Romsey.  Please feel free to contact us about having a trial game. We are sure that after only one game that you will be immediately hooked by the fun and sociable nature of the sport and we will have another padel enthusiast on our hands. See our booking and joining page for more information.

Alternatively if our location is not convenient for you why not try the LTA Padel(formerly British Padel) website where they can help you find local courts in your area.

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