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  • Padel is the fastest growing racket sport in the world.


  • Padel appeals to everyone. Older club members can continue with their sport for longer, children totally adore the game, elite players are fully challenged, non-racket sport players play Padel, players with injuries can still play Padel extending their sporting activities.


  • Clubs differentiate themselves from other clubs by offering Padel.

  • Padel players from other countries now living in the United Kingdom, want to play Padel.


  • You can install three Padel courts on the space of two tennis courts (sometimes as many as three Padel courts in the space of one tennis court), space utilisation increases from 4 to 8 or even 4 to 12 compared with tennis.


  • Squash and Tennis players mix, socialise and play together, great competition, friendships and club dynamics develop.


  • Tennis club’s with tennis courts requiring and planning refurbishment should consider Padel courts as an alternative.


  • Clubs use their Padel courts to aid their mini tennis programs. Coaches, coach mini tennis on Padel courts, balls are contained by the walls of the court, more children are coached in the same space, there’s less time and effort picking up tennis balls. Coaches and children prefer their mini tennis on Padel courts. We’ve spoken to coaches who will only coach tennis on Padel courts now!


  • Clubs with Padel courts appeal to more members, improve the utilisation of their space, often charge court fees for Padel, improve club dynamics and drive higher revenues as a result

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